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No. 2 14 December 2016

Participation by international exhibitors in R+T Turkey
Buyers from the roller shutter, sun protection and door/gate industry will be
able to obtain information in Istanbul from 1 to 4 March 2017 - Turkish
construction industry continuing to grow More than 100 exhibitors will then present innovations, products and new technologies in the areas of roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems for the construction industry. These exhibitors will include internationally well-known industry representatives from Turkey and Europe, e.g. Monte Carlo Tente, ICA, Medo Tente, Bariş Tente, Brillant, Serge Ferrari, Expalum and Nice.
Anyone with a special interest in the latest developments in the German industry will be in the right place in the official German Pavilion for which ten German companies have registered. A representative of the Federal Association for Manufacturers of Roller Shutters and Sun Protection Systems (BVRS) will
accompany the exhibitor delegation and will be able to provide interested trade
visitors with information at first hand about current developments in the industry.
Participation in R+T Turkey will be financially supported by the German Federal
Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) which regards the Turkish market as an important trading hub for German companies.
Misgivings among some of our international customers regarding the security
situation are justified, but also do relate not solely to Istanbul. Roland Bleinroth,
President of Messe Stuttgart: "We are very pleased that the 3rd edition of R+T
Turkey is developing so positively and that our customers are supporting this
important market platform, especially also in a slightly more difficult environment.
This is appreciated, in particular, by our Turkish customers. Despite all the political instability, Turkey is and will remain an important economic area with a strong domestic market."
Online visitor registration for R+T Turkey 2017 has already started and can be
accessed at:
Other detailed information on the trade fair can also be found there.
R+T Turkey 2017 is not just aimed at visitors from Europe, it focuses primarily on
Turkey's neighbouring countries, i.e. Iran, Greece and the United Arab Emirates
(UAE), as well as North African states, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Buyers are mainly invited by Turkish attachés in these countries and regions. An
application for financial assistance for the respective buyers delegations was also submitted to the Turkish Ministry of Economics. For trade fair visitors from Arab countries, R+T Turkey represents an important platform which is accessible
without visa restrictions.
Due to its rapid economic growth over the last ten years, Turkey is regarded as
one of the world's fastest expanding market. The Turkish government is pursuing ambitious economic objectives up to the centenary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 2023 and wants to become one of the world's largest economies by then. In order to attain this ambitious objective, an extensive catalogue of measures was drawn up within the framework of "Vision 2023".
Major building projects were instigated, support programmes for small and
medium-sized enterprises were introduced, and innovative strategic plans were
presented. During the trade fair exhibitors and visitors will be able to gain an
overview of the market opportunities which are available in this up-and-coming


R+T Turkey is an international industry meeting
point for visitors from all over the world, primarily Turkey's neighbouring countries(Copyright: Messe Stuttgart).


Internationally well-known industry representatives present their innovations from the area of outdoor living; the photo shows apergola

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The demand for high-quality, modern sun protection systems is becoming increasingly more important in the rapidly expanding construction sector in Turkey

(Copyright: Messe Stuttgart).


There are no limits to the materials used for shading in rooms. Whether metal or fabric solutions, anything goes if it fulfils its purpose

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Visitors to the German Pavilion promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) will be able to obtain specific information on the latest innovations from German exhibitors

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